61 Key Professional Mechanical Gaming Keyboard LED Rainbow Backlit Wired Keyboard Game Film for Windows Gaming PC Light Mini Keyboard

Price: $4.99
(as of Nov 30,2022 18:18:15 UTC – Details)

Press again to switch to “breathing mode”
The keyboard’s overall backlight simulates the breathing rhythm, and realizes the curve change from off to the highest brightness. The brightness in this mode is not adjustable.
Press again to enter the “touch and send”
The backlight is off. By default, each time a button is pressed, The Rows of buttons s lights up a backlight color,
Shoot in a trailing way to both sides.
Press again to enter “Raindrops Falling”
The backlight of the keyboard is like raindrops sliding off the window, and it is colorful and flickering.
Press again to enter “Rainbow Roulette”
 The keyboard backlight color is centered on the o key, like a colorful roulette rotating, changing alternately from color to color.
Press again to enter “Ripple Spread”
With the pressed button as the center, a layer of colorful waves spread to the surroundings, sparkling and surging, gradually moving away.
Press again to enter “Starry Little”
The backlight of the keyboard is like the stars in the night sky, colorful, blinking and blinking.
The flashing speed and number can be adjusted according to user preferences.
Press again to enter “Taxue Wuhen”
The overall keyboard backlight is always on, and the brightness is subject to the previously adjusted memory parameters.
Press again to enter “The Flowing Stream”

The backlit LEDs of the keyboard are lit up one by one from left to right, trailing colorfully, gradually extinguishing. SWIPE- down line by line and then from right to left. Alternate left and right accordingly, and go down line by line. To the bottom line of the keyboard, go up line by line, and alternate left and right up lines.
1x Keyboard

1x Data cable
✅【Full-size keyboard, plug and play】Full-size keyboard. Has a standard keyboard layout with F keys (function keys) and a numeric keypad. The adjustable stand allows your hands to type in a more comfortable typing position, helping to reduce hand fatigue. A wired keyboard brings efficient typing while you work or play. Plug and play, no additional drivers or software required.
✅【Practical and Ergonomic Design】K1 keyboard is ergonomically designed so you can use it easily. Great design for modern office or gaming.
✅【Reliable Connection】With multiple multimedia keyboard keys and non-slip ergonomic splash-proof design with gold-plated high-speed anti-corrosion USB connector for reliable connection
✅【Mouse with higher resolution】: High-speed transmission technology makes it move faster and more accurately. Meet the needs of different scenarios. For example, when you’re playing a game, you can play it with high DPI, move faster across the screen, have some quick reactions, and the mouse can move as much as you want.
✅【Reliable Performance and Wide Compatibility】Waterproof USB2.0 cable, gold-plated interface and anti-jamming magnetic ring ensure stable data transmission. The keyboard is made of ABS engineering plastic to resist abrasion.

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